Megan Humphrey
Megan Humphrey

My favorite thing to do is lift a heavy barbell, so what makes me the most proud is when I hit a lifting PR.  Some of my favorite PRs were when I deadlifted 315# and cleaned 180#.

I was also really excited when I recently hit a PR of 2:44 for Grace (30 Clean & Jerks at 95# for time).  I participated in one powerlifting meet back in 2015.  

My favorite endurance achievement was when I completed the Ocean City half marathon and the only training I did beforehand was CrossFit.


CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Online Scaling Course Certificate Online Coaching the Aging Athlete Course Certificate Online Judges Course Certificate CrossFit Kettlebell Course completed in 2015


Megan Humphrey

I grew up in Maryland playing sports and being active.  I was a three-sport high school athlete (lacrosse, soccer, basketball), I played 4 years of Division III lacrosse, and was a 2 year captain.  After college, I lived in England and Scotland for 3 years working as a youth lacrosse coach.  When I moved back home I tried coaching a few local teams but was surprised to find I didn't truly enjoy coaching lacrosse.  For my own exercise, I stayed busy just running, using machines at a globo gym, and even joining an adult lacrosse league for a while.  But something was missing.  I knew I had found my place again when I walked into CrossFit BWI in January 2012.  I loved learning how to lift a barbell, how to climb a rope, carry a sandbag, and do a pull-up.  The other athletes got me so fired up and the coaches helped me stay on track.  I learned I was able to feel that same camaraderie I had felt playing team sports all those years. Within a few months of starting CrossFit, I felt a nudge to give coaching a try.  So I got my Level 1 Certificate, went through a coaching internship program at 12 Labours CrossFit Columbia (at the time, CrossFit Syndicate), and started coaching group classes there in November 2012.  I completely fell in love with coaching and continued to do so during evenings after work and on weekends until I decided to take a break in August 2018.  I still attended group classes at 12 Labours until March 2020 when the pandemic shut everything down.  Then in October 2020, I walked into CrossFit PCR in hopes of finding a gym community again.  After just a few months of attending classes at PCR, I knew I had to start coaching again.  Now I no longer work a full-time job and instead am living my dream of coaching CrossFit part-time and doing some personal training as well.

I know that being a Coach at CrossFit PCR is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing at this point in my life!  I feel passionate about serving the athletes who walk into my class day after day.  I am honored that our members continue to trust me with their most valuable resource - their time.  Coaching is very personal to me, and I hope to bring something positive to every athlete in every class... whether that's teaching or refining a barbell lift or gymnastics skill, or simply giving a high five and a smile.