Kim Winters
Kim Winters
Completed JFK 50 mile


CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Weightlifting

Owner / Coach

Kim Winters

As a kid I loved being outside, being active, and climbing everything. As a teenager, I became less active and picked up bad eating habits. I found myself 20 years old and becoming obesity. I decided I didn't want health and weight to limit what I could do. So I began slowly seeking lifestyle changes that led me to love weight lifting, running, group classes, and nutrition.  CrossFit was a dream find as it includes all of that.  Along my journey, I realized I loved the health field and went to nursing school. CrossFit's values of empowering people to improve their health throughout their lifespan speak to me.  I fully believe we are never too old or sick to improve ourselves. I never thought I would do many of the things I do weekly in the gym.

In 2009 when Marc was stationed in Virginia Beach and I was in nursing school a classmate sent me a video of CrossFit's "Nasty Girls"  It was three girls working out in a garage, with no fancy clothes, no fancy gym.  Just them, grinding it out with the support of their friends and family.  I was so amazed not only at their strength but their determination to keep going. Seeing these women fight for every rep still inspires me to be myself and love what I do.  I can show up as I compete against myself, and make myself better every day. CrossFit has reminded me often that I can do hard things.

I want to share my love for CrossFit. Doubt constantly creeps into our minds, and CrossFit strengthens our resolve. I love watching people do something they never thought they could. Whether it's a pull-up, jumping on a box, picking up a barbell, losing weight, or getting off a medication, I want to help them reach their goals. Growing up in an obese family, I have seen what nutrition and inactivity can do not only to our physical health but our mental health as well.  I want to help empower people to improve their health.  It is a great feeling to put in hard work and reach your goals. This community helps us get there.