Eric Cole
Eric Cole




GRACE:  3:54

SPRINT 400M:  1:13



CrossFit Level 2


Eric Cole

I have played sports my whole life baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and volleyball.  In my senior year in high school I learned I was good at explaining how to do things specifically on the lacrosse field.  This is when my coaching career began. I continued to play both lacrosse and volleyball in several different adult leagues for many years but focused most of my athletic energy on coaching.  I have been a lacrosse coach for 27 seasons coaching athletes in middle school up to college.  When I was introduced to Crossfit in 2009 I did not see the value or benefit at the time.  I was not exercising but the amount of time spent on the sports field had begun to decline and I needed to do something about my fitness.  I was invited to a  local Crossfit competition and the competitive nature of Crossfit intrigued me, and I was challenged to put up or shut up with my negative talk about Crossfit.  I went to my first foundations class in December of 2011 and it destroyed me.  I was not sure I would be able to get out of bed the next morning, but I had paid for foundations for 6 weeks and I had to stick with it.  By the end of the foundation's classes, I was hooked and I have been Crossfitting ever since.  It was a natural progression as an educator and coach for more than 20 years to begin my Crossfit coaching career in 2016

I coach because I love helping people achieve their goals.  On the sports field or in the gym it brings me joy to show or explain something and watch an athlete execute something they could not previously do.