Ahana Kowdley
Ahana Kowdley

Butterfly pull-ups

Over 2x bodyweight deadlift

Bodyweight Clean and Jerk


CrossFit L1,

Gymnastics L1

CrossFit Nutrition

PN1 Nutritionist

PN1 Sleep

Stress Management, and Recovery


Ahana Kowdley

I started my fitness journey with conventional weightlifting in college before transitioning to CrossFit in 2021. I am passionate about all things food, lifting, and gymnastics.  Outside of the gym, I enjoy hanging out with friends, cooking, and playing with my dog.

When I turned 21 my bloodwork was edging towards pre-diabetic numbers which concerned me because of my family history. After moving to California to Maryland I was out of my comfort zone, away from family and friends and alone. I walked into a gym to hopefully find a new hobby and I never looked back from health and fitness.  When I moved back home to Maryland, I lost my community again and had a hard time being consistent with my training.  My mom brought me to CrossFit PCR where she had been training.  I fell in love with this community that pushes me to be the best I can be and has given me a family that supports me in and out of the gym.

CrossFit teaches us to get up when we fail and keep pushing forward! I love being able to coach because I’ve gained so much confidence in my capabilities and grown in my ability to love myself and the amazing things my body can do. Being able to serve the community that’s given me a home away from home and family and friends to share my successes and failures is so rewarding. Through coaching, I hope to inspire my classes to push themselves physically and mentally and build confidence that they can take outside of the gym and into their lives.